Emmanuelle Grelier

"I look for a sense of humanity and excellence in the artists I am drawn to; I look for a story and a technique that I could imagine as part of a home where people are first and foremost interested in art that inspires them and creates and overall a sense of well-being,” Grelier explains.

Our wish is for people to experience more art, and to do so in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Emmanuelle G. Contemporary was created with the goal of curating an accessible, dynamic collection of artworks from talented French and international artists who we sincerely believe in, and who we actively engage with. 


Always with an open approach, our goal is to showcase our artists' visions and give them a strong presence in the art world. We foster this dynamic by also working in various cities, via art fairs and special collaborations.


Born and raised in France, Emmanuelle Grelier first worked in fashion in Paris, London and New York; but in the wake of some life changes she changed her professional path. Her passion for contemporary art—born out of years spent at auction’s houses, museums and galleries—led her to where she is today. Emmanuelle started by working for a leading gallery in New York City before launching Emmanuelle G. Contemporary Art.



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